Zeev has several years experience working as an attorney and opportunity strategist in the blockchain and fintech world. His practice focuses on token generation and issuance, investor outreach and disclosures, securities laws and regulations, Fincen KYC/AML compliance, entity formation, startup venture law as well as facilitation of ICO mergers, token swaps and technology partnerships.

Zeev has counseled clients in the ICO space. This work has included providing ongoing risk assessments via continuous monitoring of domestic and international institutions active in digital-ledger/blockchain regulation. Zeev has directly discussed blockchain regulation with the commissioner of the SEC Jay Clayton.

Zeev also has extensive experience with bankruptcy and securities class action and inter-bank financial litigation relating to the 2009 credit crisis. This experience, combined with his background in mathematics, originally piqued his interest in blockchain and alternative financial technology in 2013. I also work with Steve Masur on Corporate Transactional Matters.